For example, there’s a “Rodoviária do Alentejo,” “Rodoviária do Oeste,” and “Rodoviária do Tejo.” The biggest challenge is often working out which is the local website that you should be looking at. Can’t seem to find buses, either, but I assume there is one. Lisbon to Porto), local buses connect smaller towns and villages. De bus kwam 30 min te laat, voor de rest is er vaak onduidelijkheibop welk platform de bus vertrekt. En het was erg koud in de bus, airco stond te koud (wat mij betreft), Allemaal prima, maar zeven uur zonder pauze is niet te doen. First bus from Meia Praia is at 0710 then once every hour until 1710, then at 1830 then at 1930 to bus station only. Personeel spreekt geen woord Engels dat kan beter. Alsa – Spain’s national bus network, which also includes some routes into France as well. Unfortunately, finding bus journey information isn’t usually as easy as going on Google Maps and letting Google tell you when the next bus is. Portugal is well integrated into the European bus network. Following on from the article about getting around Portugal by train, I’ve put together a guide to getting around Portugal by bus. Many cities have bus services that operate well out into the suburbs or even the country. Portugal: Discover this country on budget and travel comfortably and flexibly with a long-distance bus Low-cost bus tickets Find all bus stops available If you are experiencing difficulties while accessing this website, please give us a call at (855) 626-8585 or refer to the FlixBus Google Assistant App . Om tickets voor meer dan 5 personen te boeken, vul dan a.u.b. No, there is no direct bus from Portugal to France. Het enige dat je hoeft te doen is de metrokaart te volgen en dit is goed te doen, zelfs wanneer het de eerste keer is dat je in een stad bent. Bij Bolderman boekt u snel en voordelig een goedkope busreis naar Portugal. The journey, including transfers, takes approximately 26h 22m. Van Parijs naar Amsterdam was niet prettig. You don’t actually need to have a PayPal account – you can actually pay with your credit card or debit card via PayPal as well. You’ll probably either need to wait for the next bus (if you’re already there) or go into the local tourist information office to get a copy of the bus timetable. Welcome to Portugalist, your guidebook to Portugal. Vond de bushalte niet heel duidelijk aangegeven. Deze voorzieningen kunnen onder andere WiFi, ingebouwde toiletten, airco en stopcontacten zijn. Een andere relevante Portugese vliegtuigmaatschappij is SATA International. Pour réserver votre voyage en bus France Portugal, vous pouvez visiter le site d'Eurolines, principale compagnie d'autobus en Europe.Vous pouvez également rechercher sur Kelbillet votre ticket de bus entre France et Portugal, pour visiter Lisbonne, Porto, ou Braga en utilisant la recherche ci-dessus ou le moteur de recherche KelBillet. 829,-. Goed om te weten: De busreis 'Grand Tour Spanje en Portugal' is een mooie maar intensieve reis. Tijdens een busreis Portugal maakt u per luxe touringcar een reis langs het beste wat dit land in Zuid-Europa te bieden heeft. Prima bus, Fijn dat de buitenste stoel naar buiten kan schuiven voor extra ruimte. Voeg ten minste één volwassene alvorens verder te gaan met je boeking. Between both the buses and the train, there’s also usually plenty of seats available but I did check how things were looking the day before. De nationale luchtvaartmaatschappij van Portugal is TAP Portugal. Also I’m hesitant to purchase bus or train tickets in advance in case of flight delays. Let op dat bussen uitverkopen, Eurolines en andere busbedrijven rekenen veel meer voor last-minute tickets of tickets gekocht in persoon. We hadden Poolse chauffeurs die geen andere taal spraken. The local buses, on the other hand, are often a bit out of date but very functional – much like the trains. You will need to present ID if you’re travelling on a discounted ticket. If you want a chance of getting a seat by yourself, manually change your allocated seat before paying. An itinerary to cherish!.We chose these countries because we had visited Spain and France previously, loved them and wanted to return and visit new places, especially San Sebastian in northern Spain, Seville in southern Spain and southern France. Vooral niet wanneer dit nergens wordt aangegeven, one hour too late from Avignon, I missed my connection in Marseille. Between the two, you can get to and from just about anywhere in mainland Portugal and even beyond the border as well. Het land dat de wereldzeeën beheerste, land van de fado, melancholisch, gemoedelijk en alles herinnert aan dat roemrijke verleden. Jammer dat de bus chauffeur 8 stoelen gebruikte voor zijn collega en hun bagage. Chauffeur was onvriendelijk. Het stuk van Toulouse naar Parijs was prima. I book on the Rede Expressos website on my phone. Busbud is een bus search tool - we omvatten Eurolines routes, dienstregelingen en prijzen in onze zoekopdrachten samen met vele andere busbedrijven. Iedere reis een unieke ervaring. It’s down to a matter of preference. Most people travelling in Portugal take longer distance buses (e.g. CheckMyBus helpt je bij het vinden van de meest optimale busverbinding voor jouw persoonlijke behoeften zodat je busreis naar Portugal een compleet succes wordt. Buses need to be cancelled at least two hours before departure I think. From Porto do Mós 0740 and every hour until 1640, then 1755 and 1900. From France, Alsa offers many buses to Spain, but also to the rest of Europe. There’s also the option of booking an airport transfer, but that’ll probably cost you more than €300. There are 71 vacation packages to choose from, that range in length from 6 days up to 24 days. While you can easily buy coach tickets online, there’s a good chance that you won’t be able to buy your local bus tickets online: you’ll have to buy them at the bus station. uur aankomst was 22h pas aangekomen om 23h. The development since of the national motorway (highway) network has been followed by the growth of inter city express bus routes. Naast de voor de hand liggende lokale busdiensten, die je tot de kleinste dorpen van Portugal kunnen brengen, is het ook mogelijk om met de bus tussen de grote steden van Portugal te reizen. You can easily look up tickets, buy them online, and have the tickets delivered to your email. Een andere mogelijkheid van reizen is gebruik maken van het busnetwerk van Portugal. You can bring your pet on Rede Expressos national buses, but you will need to buy it a pet ticket and follow the pet travel rules. Both the buses and the train are located close by at Lisboa Oriente station so you can just pick whichever is most convenient for you. Réservez votre trajet en fonction de vos disponibilités au meilleur prix. But the coast route from Porto to Vila do Conde looks awesome, so we thought we’d do this first. There are both trains and buses to Evora, but it’s maybe confusing because there are several bus and train stations in Lisbon. Lisbon Airport has free wifi and there are plenty of cafés if you want to take out a laptop to book it. Houd er rekening mee dat er in de steden die we bezoeken veel gelopen dient te worden en dat het niet altijd mogelijk is dat de bus je in het centrum van de stad afzet. They are usually fairly new, have working air con, are quite comfortable, and sometimes even have an onboard food and drinks service. If you take an AP (Alfa Pendular) long distance train it’s normally faster than the bus: for example the train from Lisbon Oriente to Porto Sao Bento takes 2h51 while the bus from Lisbon Oriente to Porto takes at least 3H15. What would you suggest as our best mode of transportation? Gebruikersbeoordelingen van reizigers die hun tickets met Eurolines geboekt hadden, Prima chauffeur, maar bus was helaas te laat. While the coaches on Rede Expressos cover journeys between cities or large towns (e.g. Sometimes payment processors in Portugal reject non-Portuguese credit cards. Een groot aantal busmaatschappijen, waaronder ALSA, Avanza Grupo en Eurolines España zorgen voor de verbinding tussen Portugal en andere Europese landen zoals Spanje, Frankrijk en Duitsland. We will fly into Porto, but start the trail at Valenca-Tui. Although you should probably book in advance in case there are any technical issues, I’ve booked tickets less than an hour before a journey and it hasn’t been a problem. I usually have my identification close by in case I’m asked for it, but I never have been. For coaches, follow the suggestions in the article above. 5-6 mensen zijn het gaan melden, maar hij wou het niet geloven. Réserver un billet de bus France Portugal . It’s only really challenging if you’re trying to get the bus in small towns and cities, but we’ll get to that. Bus timetables France - Portugal: discover timetables and prices for all routes from France to Portugal and book the right bus for your trip. Klantbeoordeling 9,0. Coach / Bus Tours in Portugal and Spain 2021 Take in the picturesque landscapes and remarkable sights on a guided Coach / Bus tour of Portugal And Spain. Don’t worry, it isn’t too difficult. More details. Portugal has an extensive bus network that is made up of two types of buses which I think of as “local buses” and “coaches.”. Eurolines is one of the largest low cost operator of international coach lines in Europe! A large number of coach companies such as ALSA, Avanza Grupo or Eurolines España connect Portugal with other European countries such as Spain, France or Germany. There are 11 ways to get from Amsterdam to Portugal by plane, train, bus, night train or car. Geniet van bizarre rotsformaties en lieflijke dorpjes al vanaf €699,-! Can you help? Thinking About Working Remotely in Portugal? Open alle items. De laatste is aan te raden is al… Reed te snel (baby) aan boord! Mijn voorkeur gaat verder uit naar de eurotunnel, zodat ik kan blijven slapen in de bus en niet hoef uit te stappen zoals bij de ferry. If you’re travelling a short distance, coach travel (e.g. In most, if not all, French cities, urban bus services are provided at a flat-rate charge for individual journeys. They usually connect small towns and villages with each other. meerdere boekingen in. De France, embarquez à bord d’un bus tout confort à destination de Lisbonne, Porto, Faro, Aveiro, Braga ou encore Guimarães. Portugalist covers everything from things to do, eat, and drink to places to stay and advice on moving here and making Portugal your permanent home. Last bus to Meia Praia from Portas de Portugal is at 1916, to Porto do Mós at 1842. Do you have any advice? Tip: Lisbon is ‘Lisboa’ in the searchbox rather than ‘Lisbon.’ Also there are two bus stations (Sete Rios and Oriente) and you will probably have to do a search for both. De chauffeurs zijn opgejut en haastig. The bus service in Portugal is held both by public and private companies depending on the region and type of service. Lisbon to Porto), and you’re booking in advance (7 days or more), then the train is probably going to be cheaper as you can usually get a discounted ticket. Olá! Book your bus ticket now → FlixBus: The smart choice in traveling Naast onze busreizen naar Portugal kunt u uiteraard ook bij ons terecht voor bijvoorbeeld een autovakantie Portugal of een stedentrip naar Lissabon. Hou je ogen open voor kortingscodes om te profiteren van Eurolines kortingen en goedkope bustickets. Discover the new way to travel by bus. Portugal heeft in totaal 13 vliegvelden. Een ritje kost €1,40 en een dagkaart kost 6 euro. For whatever reason, bus stops (especially bus stops in the countryside) don’t have printed bus timetables inside them. Goede hotels op bijzondere plekken. Thanks! Thanks. You really do need to check both. You can bring your bike on Rede Expressos buses, but you will need to buy it a bike ticket. Thanks. Rede Expressos Bus, Portimão, … The coaches are usually for trips lasting for several hours but can be as little as an hour or less. V.a. If you want to book an international ticket, for example to somewhere in Spain or France, there are a couple of websites that you can use. How to Stay Warm in Portuguese Houses During Winter, 20+ Tips for Renting an Apartment, House, or Room in Portugal. Busbud helpt je gemakkelijk verschillende prijzen van Eurolines te zoeken en erdoor te bladeren om de goedkoopste tickets voor Eurolines te vinden. If only. Tijdens deze 12-daagse rondreis gaat u met ons op ontdekking, per comfortclass touringcar bezoeken we de mooiste steden; Lissabon, Porto, Fatima maar ook Guimaraes en Braga, minder bekend maar zeer geliefd. In het afgelopen jaar beoordeelden onze gasten de chauffeurs van de busreizen Portugal met een 8,5 en onze reisleiders zelfs met een 8,7! Coach and Bus Travel in Portugal. Lissabon en Porto zijn de enige twee Portugese steden met een metronetwerk en deze zijn beide schoon, veilig en efficiënt. De meest aangevlogen luchthavens binnen Portugal zijn die van Lissabon, Faro, Porto, Madeira en de Azoren. More information about transporting bikes can be found on the website’s terms and conditions. Kinderen moeten worden begeleid door een volwassene. As well as Rede Expressos, there are a few international bus companies that operate in Portugal and have their own bus networks. It’s not always the case, though: sometimes the bus is cheaper. De metro van Lissabonheeft vier lijnen en 52 metrostations, waarvan 31 volledig voorzien zijn van roltrappen en liften. Jammer dat de bus chauffeur 8 stoelen gebruikte voor zijn collega en hun bagage. My question is can we get a bus from Vila do Conde to somewhere on the main bus route from Porto to Valenca-Tui? Chauffage stond heel hoog, waardoor het heel warm werd in de bus. My husband and I will be traveling from the Lisbon airport to Lagos. Busbud is er trots op om samen te werken met Eurolines en biedt Eurolines diensten aan reizigers over de hele wereld aan. Select an option below to see step-by-step directions and to compare ticket … The Rede Expressos website is very easy to use. Portugal: Ontdek hoe je voordelig, comfortabel en flexibel met een langeafstandsbus dit land kunt bezoeken Voordelige bustickets Bekijk alle beschikbare bushaltes Deze bus had erg versleten stoelen, en de eerste helft een zeer onvriendelijke chauffeur. From Trofa you can easily take a train to Valença. There seems to be one every hour or so – see here: Mijn voorkeur gaat verder uit naar de eurotunnel, zodat ik kan blijven slapen in de bus en niet hoef uit te stappen zoals bij de ferry. However, there are services departing from Rossio and arriving at Notre-Dame - Quai De Montebello via Lisboa Oriente and Porte De Reuilly. Rede Expressos) can be more expensive than the train as Rede Expressos, for some reason, has a minimum ticket price of €6. Each bus is “codified” by a 3-digit sign and the first number is related with the destination place: 2 is for West Porto, 3 for North, 4 for East, 5 for Matosinhos, 6 for Maia, 7 for Valongo, 8 for Gondomar and 9 for Vila Nova de Gaia. Prima bus, Fijn dat de buitenste stoel naar buiten kan schuiven voor extra ruimte. Prima bus met genoeg beenruimte, airco en toilet. Busreizen en overwinterreizen per luxe bus naar Portugal. I can understand the concern about delays. Eva is the local bus company for most of the Algarve: Book your coach travel in UK and around Europe with BlaBlaBus ↔ Free Wi-Fi and plug sockets ↔ Free online booking! Personeel was wel vriendelijk wanneer je iets vroeg alleen matig Engels. Portugal uses the 24 hour clock - all timetables are in the 24hr clock format. Personally, I think there are a lot of pros to the buses over trains. Enjoy comfortable seats with spacious legroom, power outlets and free Wi-Fi while you travel the US by bus at unbeatable prices. Eurolines – Offers international routes from Portugal to destinations all over Europe: everywhere from Amsterdam to Zagreb. Lisbon to Porto or Porto to Faro) which means using the Rede Expressos website (which is easy to use, don’t worry). Most Popular Bus Routes in Europe Bus Companies in Europe FAQs Buses to European Destinations Across Europe, traveling by bus is a popular choice for locals and tourists alike! Hope that helps. Je kan prijzen, voorzieningen en tijden vergelijken door te zoeken naar een route. Boek goedkope Eurolines bustickets online, vind dienstregelingen, prijzen, busstation locaties, diensten, promoties en kortingen. Fares, schedules and online-ticketing available for more than 700 destinations across Europe! Should You Launch Your Startup in Portugal. Als je veel bagage hebt is de metro altijd een goede optie. There are several types of bus services, urban (inside cities), interurban (between cities) and regional (between regions). De buschauffeurs die het in Brussel overnamen spraken haast geen Engels en waren niet bepaald vriendelijk. If it does, try going through PayPal instead. Meanwhile, there are only four trains of any description between anywhere in Portugal and anywhere in Spain. The first being that they cover the whole of the country and the second being that the bus stations are always in the city centre (some train stations are 10 km or more away from their actual destination). Er is geen stop ingelast het hele stuk. Hi, a group of friends and I are planning the Camino Portugues, but we only have a week. The train is usually slightly faster, but only just. Six weeks travelling through Spain, Southern France and Portugal. Busreis Portugal - Geheel verzorgde reis per touringcar Per luxe bus de stranden, bijzondere steden en witte dorpjes van Portugal ontdekken. Met de bus door Portugal. If you’re happy to book in when you land, I would do that. There’s a regular bus from Vila do Conde to Trofa. These buses are usually much older and don’t have wifi, toilets, or even air con. FAQs about bus travel in Portugal Which is better in Portugal, bus or the train? Zoek gemakkelijk naar dienstregelingen van Eurolines en tarieven van Eurolines om een optie te kiezen die bij je individuele wensen past. I’ve travelled extensively by bus here – taking buses throughout the country and even into Spain as well. The ticketing system automatically assigns the first person to buy a ticket seat 1, the next person gets seat 2, etc. Unfortunately, there isn’t a black and white answer to this and you will have to check both. You could also rent a car for the journey, but you will have to pay a drop-off fee if you drop it off at a different location. public transport system in Portugal is excellent for some areas specifically the cities and west coast lines but hard to find and difficult to understand for a lot of other districts Portugal: Découvrez ce pays sans vous ruiner et en bénéficiant d’un confort et d’une flexibilité optimales dans nos bus longue distance Tickets de bus low-cost Découvrez tous les arrê They usually connect cities and large towns with each other. You can also cancel tickets and change both bus and train tickets but you might be in the air when your realise that you need to do it and you probably won’t have wifi then. Coronavirus (COVID-19): ontvang de laatste reisupdates. Many parts of Portugal have no train service following closure of many rural lines in the 1990's. I was flying into Lisbon a few weeks ago on an airline that I had been delayed with before and so I didn’t book the tickets until I had landed and was past security and had collected my bags. Bus transport in France. Plans to link Portugal to the European high-speed newtwork will not come about for a very long time in the future. As long as you can show the PDF on your phone, that’s enough. 1300hrs = 1pm, 1400hrs = 2pm etc. Bus-wise, there are more options from Lisboa Sete Rios bus station rather than Lisboa Oriente but there are one or two from Oriente. Portugal is almost isolated from the rest of Europe in passenger railway terms. Local buses are managed by regional bus services. De reis was goed, maar een uur vertraging. Super rit met een prachtig chauffeur...tot zo. Busbud is een erkende ticketverkoper voor Eurolines, en biedt toegewijde klantenservice, 24 uur per dag. © 2020 Busbud, Inc. | Alle rechten voorbehouden, Schakel Javascript in voor de juiste weergave van deze site, 791 Avenue du Colonel André Pavelet dit Villars. Can we find timetables or routes online for local buses. Verder voor iemand van 1.92 meter wel heel krappe plekken. Rede Expressos offers discounted coach tickets for the following groups, and you can select your ticket type on the homepage when before you begin your ticket search. Busbud geeft je het telefoonnummer van Eurolines zodat je ze gemakkelijk kunt bereiken. Alsa (an affiliate of National Express) runs buses to Porto via Guarda and to Lisbon from Madrid (journey times are around 8-9 hours depending on the time of departure) and via Badajoz and Evora to Lisbon from Sevilla (6 hours). Hi, we are arriving at Lisbon Airport with bikes and want to take the bus (it seems there are no trains) to Evora. If you’re travelling cross country (e.g. Graag zou ik de tijd voor opstap op de ferry willen verkorten. Low cost bus travel in Europe 400,000 daily connections to 2,500 destinations in 34 countries Free cancellation up to 30 days before departure Wi-fi & plug sockets onboard ! Als je een toepasselijke reis hebt gevonden dan kan je ook je Eurolines ticket via ons kopen. Bus Service Start and Finish Times. You can get the train from Lisboa Oriente, which is the closest to the airport. Trains are a little more flexible, but there is still a timeframe in which you need to cancel. Many bus routes are operating a very limited timetable until further notice, especially at weekends and on public holidays. Indeed, Alsa has extended its international network to 12 European countries, including France, Portugal, Italy, the United Kingdom and Belgium. Wil je contact opnemen met de klantenservice van Eurolines? Yes, there are buses but finding the timetables for that part of Portugal seems to be very tricky! Op deze manier kun je zien welke voorzieningen beschikbaar zijn voor elk individuele vertrek als je je bustickets voor Eurolines online koopt. Een goede basisconditie is dan ook een vereiste. Is Lagos the Next European Digital Nomad Hotspot? For shorter distances, there’s usually not a big difference. In case of doubts, consult the bus stop itinerary, which indicates all … Alsa: The Spanish company Alsa is the most important bus company in Spain. Wij geven je toegang tot alle beschikbare busroutes van Eurolines om het boeken van bussen van Eurolines voor je te vergemakkelijken. That happens to a lot of people when they’re trying to book train tickets, so it might happen to you if you’re trying to book bus tickets.

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